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Modern Piping is a movement geared towards pushing the boundaries of pipes. Whilst it is important to remember the history and where we came from as pipers, the ultimate goal is to inspire and bring about an open platform new ideas and music!

We not only bring you an open platform for the creation of music, but a brand new piping book full of NEW tunes and cool stuff from the top composers of our time every 2 months delivered to your door!

Subscriptions for the book go towards supporting our composers who are writing the most innovative and appealing music out there. Now, you don't need to be the Pipe Major of a Grade 1 band or the friend of one of the world's most famous composers to get the freshest and most current material. All you need is to become part of the Modern Piping community!

If you missed subscribing for previous editions of Modern Piping you can purchase them by visiting our shop page HERE.

Any future tunes from Lincoln Hilton will be published exclusively in Modern Piping.

Subscriptions are available:


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