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Our books are packed with the newest, coolest tunes from some of the world's TOP composers!


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Tutorial Article

A Jig and Waltz Composition Comparison

Lincoln Hilton

Fur Elise

The Trip to Inverness


Alisdair McLaren

The Caribbean Crusader
The Village Idiot


Scott Wallace

5 Note Bradley
Black Smoke
Mr Cedric Le Bozec


Dougie McCance

2 Doors Up
Ashlea Cottage
The Ginger Pudding


Alex Gandy

George D.Q. Solomon

Henry K. McCarthy

KC's 50th


Bruce Gandy

1st Field Artillery Welcome to the Master Gunner of St James Park
Catie’s Lullaby
Dancing with Sarah
Home Cooking
Littlefield Celtic Centre


Winning Tune Submission

Fruglwhacker by David Stülpner


Piper of the Moment

Robbie MacIsaac - Scottish Power Pipe Band


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Volume 19

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