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Tutorial Article

A Jig and Waltz Composition Comparison

Lincoln Hilton

Geese in the Bog

Funky Fresh

Gruten Free



Chris Armstrong

A Halt to Everything

Rosebank Cottage


Lorne MacDougall

In Praise of Plockton

The Grieving City


R.S. MacDonald

Ina Bremner

Sagliano Di Varzi


Ross Ainslie

Glass 'N Hand

Pipe Major Angus Clarke's Farewell to the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band

Mairi Ferrigan


Xavier Boderiou

Full Moon


Gavotenn An Hanv [Ton Simpl]


Winning Tune Submission

Henry McCarthy

The House of Eight


Piper of the Moment

Chris Lee - Bagad Cap Caval


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Volume 18

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