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Our books are packed with the newest, coolest tunes from some of the world's TOP composers!


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A sneak peak at what's inside Volume 15!


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Tutorial Article

The 'Not So Black And White' Approach to composing White Flag


Lincoln Hilton

White Flag


Me and My Chanter


Alisdair McLaren

Roger Ian McLaren

Instant Bagpipes

Out of the Sky in Paris


Scott Wallace

Ciaren Ross

Chromatic Rehab

Fergus the Sauce Drinker


Bruce Gandy

Park Canada's Centennial March

Lament for Susan of Runzeme

Nita and John Henn

Miss Pitcaithley's Reel


Dougie McCance

Sonny's Adventure

Buchanan's Brewery

The Careless Companion

Walk On Woodhill


Alex Gandy

Captain Foley

The Sound Supremist

Dr. Eilidh MacDonald


Winning Tune Submission

Hamish MacLean

The Raised Sporran


Piper of the Moment

Malcolm Chadwick


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Volume 15

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