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Packed with our articles from Modern Piping Volume 1-16, we are so excited to share our FIRST Secrets of Piping Book 1. This is a collection of all of our awesome tutorials from Volume 1-16 of the Modern Piping books but in one affordable book. We work really hard to give you the ins and outs of composition and piping never talked about before.


A sneak peak at what's inside Secrets of Piping!



Bagpipe Chords & Scales Part I

Take a look at an in depth guide on identifying key signatures on the bagpipe scale...


Bagpipe Chords & Scales Part II


Rhythm Gracenote Placement

Learn how to create grooves within simple time signatures with the placement of gracenotes...


Tuning the Pipes with other Instruments

Not as simple as you think, let's clear it up...


Hidden Notes on the Bagpipes


Building Melodies with Chords

It's time to write a tune...


Re-arranging Time Signatures


Bagpipe Transpositions with Transpositions Chart


Writing Harmonies

Let's go beyond the idea of just writing 2 notes up and 2 notes down...


Introduction to Breton Music


Transposing Minor Keyed Tunes


Counterpoint Harmonies


Bending Pipes for Screen


Technical Singularity


The 'Not so Black and White' Approach (Shifting Melodies)


Turning Performance Anxiety into an Asset


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Secrets of Piping Book 1

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