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Audio Digital Download of Me and My Chanter album by Lincoln HIlton


Awesome bagpipe tunes included:


1. Unreel Jigs

2. I.O.

3. The Tower

4. Tone Temple

5. Checkmate

6. Letting Go

7. Calum Brown

8. Shadow

9. Me and My Chanter

10. Altera Terra

11. Mirage

12. C'est la Vie

13. A Road Less Travelled

14. Sanctuary

15. Ignite

16. The Golden Chanter

17. Richat

18. Black Flag

19. White Flag

20. Alasdair Fraser's Toast to Moana

21. Blues You Lose

22. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

23. Trick or Treat

24. 400%

Me and My Chanter Album (Audio Digital Download)

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