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Boderiou Sheepskin Bags are handmade from the best skins available. This gives them a better airtightness and resonance.


The tanning process helps to regulate humidity and will keep your reeds dry.


Our special cut is ergonomic and adapts to your posture.


Available in Standard size.


"I have been using the Boderiou sheepskin bag since March 2019 and could not be more happy with it. The bag comes in a standard size with the holes pre “star” cut which is great for those who don’t want to pressure of picking their stock placements and cutting their own holes. Surprisingly being a swan neck ‘preacher’ myself, the positions of the stock cuts along with the straight neck bag (more curved than straight) make for the comfiest bag I have ever played on to date. Aesthetically, the bag looks like it is expertly crafted from superior leather and is super airtight. The first thing that came to my attention was that the high A had a more prominent and consistent ring with ALL the chanters I play on (Boderiou, Sinclair, G1 and R.G.Hardie) and the bag regulated moisture quite well which resulted in more stability over lengthy sessions. I also soon found the bag required less seasoning overtime having seasoned it maybe once in the past 3 months; being played once every 2-3 days or so.


I fully recommend you give the Boderiou sheepskin bag a go, big fan of this one!"

- Lincoln Hilton


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*If placing an order with more than 1 boderiou bag or 3 items on our website, please email info@mdpiping.com for a shipping quote. If order is placed with more than 1 boderiou bag or 3 or more items, we will email you prior to shipping items out to confirm if shipping price quoted on website is correct.

Boderiou Pipe Bag

  • Built in Moisture level display
    Humidity stabiliser & control
    Reed & chanter preservation
    Specially treated wood interior
    Shock resistant
    Mould resistant
Air purification

    Genuine leather


  • JUNE 8, 2020 UPDATE

    Thank you for visiting our site. We have now resumed shipping as normal on our site, orders are sent out once weekly. Although we are shipping, due to certain countries delayed postal services as an outcome of COVID we cannot guarantee that the items will arrive within the standard postage time. Digital items purchased are available for immediate download. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at info@mdpiping.com

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