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Plant trees. Save Lives.

Eden Projects Partnership

With every purchase, you will be planting 5 trees in areas affected by severe deforestation. Revitalising ecosystems and empowering local communities.

Eden Reforestation Project is a non-profit organisation that works in developing countries to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees around the world every year. With reforestation programs across Nepal, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia and Madagascar, they’ve been able to restore forests and provide sustainable income for local communities.

lowering our impact

Why plant trees?

We believe that every person and business can make an impact for positive environmental change. We also understand that every time we make something, it has a negative impact on the planet. This is why we have partnered with Eden Projects and are working towards each of our products having a positive impact on you and our planet.

Lincoln & Heather Hilton

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Why are trees so important?

Many of our reforestation projects focus on planting mangrove forests, which is one of the best tree varieties for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and minimising its contribution to global warming. Trees also create the oxygen we breathe by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, and filter dangerous pollutants out of the air. They do the same with water, which helps purify our waterways and oceans. And trees play a crucial role as habitats for flora and fauna. Without trees, the world would be breathless and our ecosystems would crumble. We plant trees because it is one of the most impactful acts of conservation we can do.