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Hilton Chanter

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One of Lincoln Hilton's favourite instrument's to play, record and make videos with, this is the Hilton Chanter made in partnership with ES Session Chanter.


The STAINLESS Hilton Chanter boasts Hard Anodised Aluminium Stems and Top Section combined with Stainless Steel, Reed Seat, Bottom Section and Threaded Ends on each Stem. Finished in Black/Stainless and available with two interchangeable stems which enables the musician to play in either A or B Flat.


The Hard Anodisation process combined with the Stainless Threads, makes the chanter extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.​


The Chanter will be sent to you in a silver presentation box with the Hilton logo, foil printed on the top. Inside you will find die cut foam to perfectly hold and protect your chanter, along with 3 spare reeds. The stems are interchangeable and it really is as easy as "Plug & Play". This gives it much more flexibility, as it can be played whilst jamming with other musicians in A or at pipe band practice in B Flat.


An all round chanter that is hard wearing and will continue to look stunning for years to come.


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Lincoln's Review of the Hilton Chanter

I can confidently say that the Hilton Chanter is the best practice chanter I have ever played.


Here’s why:

1. The look of the chanter is unique! I work at a school and my 50+ students all say how “cool” it looks compared to the normal chanters.
2. The sound is very warm, bright and vibrant.
3. It has an added benefit of being able to break it down for easy travel and storage. 
4. You can interchange stems so you can play in A and B flat (or more keys if they are made in the future). This is great for live performances if you want to keep playing the same chanter and also great for when your playing with other musicians. Most chanters tune either close to A or B flat so when your playing with another person, you can just pick the stem to suit. 
5. You can easily take it apart to dry or blow through when saliva becomes excessive in the stem.
6. The stems are incredibly close to being perfectly in tune straight off the bat.

7. With the extremely long reed seat, you can get it pretty much perfect right up the scale without any tape at all. With the reed seat being so long, you also have the ability to sharpen or flatten the pitch of the chanter to match any chanter that's not in a particular key. 
8. It also has a little ring around where you’d put your thumb on the back of the chanter which is great for teaching kids. 
9. The new Hilton chanter has also been put under a hard anodisation process making it extremely durable and resistant to oxidation.

Before seeing this chanter, I often wondered why we “practiced” on practice chanters that sounded so horrible and not in any particular key, yet when we come to the bagpipes (especially at the top level) sound is arguably the most concentrated aspect of playing. How can people practice listening for tone in group practice chanter sessions or by themselves if the chanters are all out of tune to begin with? The very idea of “practicing” for a comp out of tune bewilders me and is one of the biggest overlooked, double handed processes in our teaching methods. I remember watching a teacher asking a student of his, “Why can’t you hear that the notes are out of tune?”. Much to his surprise the student simply said, “It’s what I’ve been used to..."

 With the Hilton practice chanter, practices and rehearsals could be so much more productive and definitely more pleasant to listen / play in. Of course, no chanter is perfect. It depends on the reeds, how they’re set up and who’s playing them. I had a bunch of reeds to choose from and they were all excellent. I find the reeds that come with the chanter suit the chanter much better than other standard practice chanter reeds. 

 All in all, if you want to sound in tune, look awesome, and be able to play with any backing track or live musician in the key of A or B flat without any difficulty at all, this is your chanter.

- Lincoln Hilton

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