Our instruments are exceptional bagpipes, from a sound and making perspective. The sound of Boderiou Bagpipes is balanced and powerful, therefore they're made for both solo and band playing. Their bore gives a very specific sound, loud, very rich and full of harmonics. Steadiness was also the main key in their development over the years. Boderiou Bagpipes are made from the best materials to last long.

Xavier develops the RedWood Reeds in collaboration with Jakez Boderiou; they are hybrid drone reeds between traditional cane reeds and synthetic reeds. In 2011, he released the Boderiou Pipe Chanters (band and solo, including a Bagad chanter model).

Learn more:  www.boderiou-bagpipes.com
 / www.rwreeds.com / www.boderiou-bagpipes.com

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